Petroleum Geoscience Book Series

Exploration and Production Geoscience

Exploration and production operations could be costly and operators make every effort to reduce inefficiency and loss of time. It still remains a challenge to adapt quickly, achieve the objectives and meet the expectations of an evolving industry. This book puts together what geoscience students need to know, covering in one volume, the full chain from exploration, through appraisal, to development and production of a field, it provides a synthesis that guides the geoscientist to be skilled in the whole. The reader will learn:

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A Career in the Petroleum Industry, In a time of Energy Transition

This book extends the author’s unwritten pact with everyone wishing to have an understanding of the petroleum industry or willing to be involved in the energy sector in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. It shows the approach to gaining a positive attention of interviewers to candidates prospecting for jobs in oil and gas companies and reveals what to take into consideration during the application process. It is an eye-opener; a simple, enthralling strategy that works.

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Concise Applied Geophysics; a Practical Approach

Written in Simplified English for technical communication; Heavily illustrated to help in understanding the text. Practical/Professional special real-time field case studies; Formulas for modeling and delineating geo-resources (example hydrocarbon and solid mineral) and solving complex field problems such as characterizing hydrocarbon reservoir pores filled with solid minerals

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Overview of the Petroleum Industry

OVERVIEW OF THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY reflects a picture of the author’s  pact with the people of Nigeria, in which he highlights  the good, the bad and the ugly sides  of the oil and gas industry, revealing  why the system that controls resources and cash flow, a supposed heritage, will do and has been doing everything to sustain itself. The work is an exposé into the nitty gritty of the oil and gas world in the ordinary man’s language,  enabling the reader to know the organisation of the sector, from  the exploration and production processes to the finances.

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