A Career in the Petroleum Industry, In a time of Energy Transition

This book extends the author’s unwritten pact with everyone wishing to have an understanding of the petroleum industry or willing to be involved in the energy sector in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. It shows the approach to gaining a positive attention of interviewers to candidates prospecting for jobs in oil and gas companies and reveals what to take into consideration during the application process. It is an eye-opener; a simple, enthralling strategy that works.

A Career in the Petroleum Industry is not only for those who want to work in the petroleum industry. It is also for those who wish to exit a routine proxy role to become independent energy resource persons. Hence, the author highlights some of the worst mistakes an oil worker can make, especially early in his or her career. The reader will learn what is involved in the recruitment process of main oil producing companies and how selective recruitment and continuous psyching, what the author termed ‘career profiling’, have led to poor representativeness of local elites in oil host countries. All this is skewed within the principle that makes everyone to work for the system controlled by headquarters of major and super-major oil corporations.

The author introduces the concept of “derivative processing” as a new solution for people seeking to make a living in a time of energy transition. Candidates for the energy industry are given an opportunity to not only mine resources but also refine and follow through the manufacturing process to the end of the energy footprint.

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