Vision, Mission and Goals


To become a one-stop platform for petroleum geosciences training and services in Nigerians and the choice training firm for young industry professionals, using the top skills we have gained during the past years in world top technical environments. 


To provide exploration and production geosciences knowledge and solutions in Nigeria, Africa and beyond from basic petroleum evaluation to advanced well geology and petrophysics, contributing to the understanding of Nigerian structural and sedimentary geology and enhancing understanding of the nations prospecting blocks and oil & gas recovery in the mining leases.


To give back to the society and add our contribution to the Nigerian oil and gas industry, making it an independent sector adding value to the nation at large.

Principles and core value

Our core value is axed on three principles:

Patriotism, fair-play and justice

Integrity, honesty and accountability

Good faith and social responsibility

The Integrated Elvee Services Limited was founded on the spirit of patriotism, fairplay and justice, following observations that certain aspect of segmentation in the development of Nigerians in petroleum geosciences, narrowed empowerment programs, lack of follow-up and grassroots developments, mitigates against the full benefits of the nation’s oil and gas resources. IES Oil and Gas is seeking to improve comprehensive knowledge among professionals and ensure a positive communication to give the industry a human face, by involving the public and creating awareness of petroleum geosciences. We strongly hope to gain the supports of all players in this regards.