Intensive Weekend Training on PORE PRESSURE PREDICTION

Pore Pressure Prediction is perhaps the most important skill to acquire in the extractive energy industry. A skill you must get at some point, and better early, in your professional pursuit.

·         It is the basis of safe drilling and prediction of petroleum results.

·         It forms the basis for collaboration between geoscientists and engineers, as well as other métiers in oil companies.

·         It integrates every other aspect of the E and P value chain, from exploration to production, through well geology and petrophysics, to well follow up and reporting.

·         Knowledge of geopressure, and the ability to predict or understand abnormal pressures, sets personnel apart in any team or department in the workplace and at operational sites.

·         Unfortunately, many candidates miss this training and the skills are reserved for just few who eventually excel in their career.

This opportunity comes to you at this time, to learn the tools of PPP in a simplified manner, necessary for your future career or current evolution at work.

We look forward to your participation in this upcoming training.