Corporate Social Responsibility

We intend to provide scholarships, sponsor writing awards and distribute free educational materials in areas where we operate. We are keen on ensuring that the masses benefit from our projects. We are already developing intercultural programs and French languages courses for the public.

  • With IES what has changed?
  • Putting the people in the centre
  • Bridging the gap between the industry and the student
  • Providing a forum and resource in the language that both
  • professional and the general public understand
  • Abiding by the spirit of patriotism, fair play and justice

As one of our major corporate social responsibility, we promote educational materials and intend to support interuniversity collaboration with the industry. We sponsor the Delizon writing competions, scholarships and more.

Literacy campaign (Mass Internet Literacy Campaign —MILC)
Writing awards: Delizon Writing Competitions

Scholarships: Apply online on the Delizon platform
Cultural forum:
Clubs and empowerment program: Register in the APRAGS club, get free geosciences resources and participate in our empowerment and development programs.
Language training: French language training, in our Training Centres and with Distance learning using communicational technologies such as Webiner, Video and Phone conferencing.


Integrated Elvee Services Limted will operate a tight HSE Policy and use all its capacities to ensure the protection of life, properties and the environment in all its operational bases. ”[Read”]

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