Petroleum Geoscience Book Series

Overview of the Petroleum Industry

OVERVIEW OF THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY reflects a picture of the author’s  pact with the people of Nigeria, in which he highlights  the good, the bad and the ugly sides  of the oil and gas industry, revealing  why the system that controls resources and cash flow, a supposed heritage, will do and has been doing everything to sustain itself. The work is an exposé into the nitty gritty of the oil and gas world in the ordinary man’s language,  enabling the reader to know the organisation of the sector, from  the exploration and production processes to the finances.

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A Career in the Petroleum Industry

A CAREER IN THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY gives you the simple secret of gaining the attention of your interviewers to become recruited in the oil and gas industry. It tells you what to take into consideration as you prepare your CV and send in your application. It is an eye opener, it is simple, it is an enthralling strategy that works.

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Petroleum Exploration and Production Geoscience

The book PETROLEUM EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION describes the chain involved in the oil and gas business, covering: Exploration – Appraisal – Development – Production

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General Geology and Geophysics

This book takes the reader through the fundamentals of Geology and Geophysics, touching all aspects of Physical Geology, Earth History, Crystallography and Mineralogy, Optical Mineralogy, to mention a few.

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