Training in Oil and Gas begins at Enugu



The first set of the targeted 180 youths to benefit from oil and gas scholarships have started training in Enugu.   This is in fulfillment of Dr Livinus Nosike’s promise to ensure that the gap between Fuel, Coal and Petroleum exploration is bridged in Enugu.  The Oil and Gas Expert, Dr Nosike, explains that many people are not aware of how far technology has gone.  He said that coal extraction in Enugu is not intended to go the old way of digging tunnels in a challenging underground terrain with its major risks.  Today coal, bitumen, lignite, has to be looked at as an unconventional hydrocarbon.

He said, “We have moved from underground to surface quarry, and now to subsurface drilling technology for unconventional hydrocarbon.  Although it will depend on the final reconnaissance and geological studies, ultimately we will opt for the drilling approach.  Drilling for unconventional hydrocarbon, including some kinds of coal beds or high organic carbon shale means you will use a rig to drill into the formation as if you were drilling for crude oil. In this case you will use hot water and acid to crack the deposit in-situ, then extract the product, which is then refined – hopefully with smaller modular refineries in place depending impending policies. This will compliment possible liquefaction where surface quarrying is adopted.

“For long the coal and other mineral resources have been ignored either because people are unaware of the new technologies or because of ease of conventional crude oil which Nigeria had in abundance. With the gas becoming more important and with the need for diversification of petroleum sources in a changing price and downing economy, it is time we look into these aspects.  This is especially now that States are beginning to look inwards for local sources of revenue.

“The State governments have challenges as well as private stake holders; with the current structure, it is only the federal government that awards license for exploration. So the State government is constrained to work with private sector to develop the resources.   Funding then has to be by investors.  Though foreign investors are currently interested in the Enugu coal revamping, wisdom behooves on interested persons, local investors, to buy into this now.  We are open to collaboration while laying the foundation with reconnaissance and exploration studies.

The youth undergoing training are made to cover modules in coal extraction as well as oil drilling.  This gap being bridged will make all the difference.  Among modules covered are:

  1. Geosciences and mining
  • Coal Extraction
  • Coal Liquefaction
  • Mineral Resources
  • Economic Geology
  1. Petroleum Geoscience
  • Onsite and Operations Geology
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Tectono-sedmentary analyses
  • Pore-pressure Prediction
  • Petroleum evaluation
  • Trap and seal analyses
  1. On-the-job Geoscience training (involving field work and full petroleum chain modules, from exploration through appraisal and development to production. Full module:

The aim is to produce holistic candidates and recruits to pioneer the industry locally.

To participate, contact Dr Livinus Nosike   Apply Online

Dr Livinus Nosike holds a PhD in Sciences of the Universe – Tectonics and Petroleum Geology, from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, following a development of talent award to study for his postgraduate education in Europe.  He worked in technical centres in different countries, onshore and offshore, before returning to work in Nigeria. He is a Member of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Dr Nosike is the author of the book:  OVERVIEW OF THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY – A New Perspective in the Saga of the Oil and Gas Struggle. The book is now available in bookshops in every State of Nigeria

He is the Founder of IES Oil and Gas (iESog), the first fully-integrated indigenous oil and gas training and services firm with the aim of equipping every Nigerian with petroleum knowledge.


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