Seismic Interpretation Simplified

Aim is to give a concise quick-look method on both basics and advanced geophysical principles of seismic interpretation.

Guess what you could achieve in one day?

9-10am: Presentation on basics of seismic interp method
10-11: Inline and crossline, 2D,3D and 4D seismic practicals
11-12: Seismic interp applied to unconventional hydrocarbon

2-3pm: Introduction to advanced geophysics, DHI,AVO…fluid effect
3-4: Seismic processing, migration and Interpretation practicals
4-5: Depth to Time conversion and mistie correction

We follow up candidate and provide guide afterwards in line with our training programme. One day duration of course is strategic.

Join us at INTEGRATED ELVEE SERVICES LTD, Date: 11th November 2017, Time: 9 to 5pm

Address: Training Hall B5, Adisat Ajike Plaza, New Garage, by Baale Bus Stop. Our vehicle could pick you up once you arrive Gbagada. 

Call:  +2349080278616; +2347037628734



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    Pore Pressure Prediction and Applications Simplified
    8 – 9th of December 2017
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