To hold on  8th to 9th of December 2017 in Lagos. 

Part One: Pore-Pressure in Exploration

·         Pore pressure basics, Pressure Tests and WFT

·         Disequilibrium compaction, PShale and Psand

·         Dynamic transfer and hydraulic fracturing

·         Use of GR-shale points, Density and Sonic Log in PPP

·         Pore pressure and Seal Evaluation

·         Seal Integrity and Efficiency

·         Hydrocarbon Column Prediction

Part Two:  Pore- Pressure in Well Operation

·         Geopressure in Well Operations

·         From Terzaghi to Eaton’s Equation

·         S3, FIT, LOT and Fracture Gradient

·         Overburden, Bulk Density and Effective Stress

·         Practical Pore Pressure Prediction Exercise on Workstations

·         Drilling Window – Gains and Losses

·         BOP, Well Monitoring and Well control

We are making this available and opening opportunities for the average Nigerian.

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