Company profile

Integrated Elvee Services Limited is an indigenous petroleum geoscience training & services company. IES oil and gas (IESOG) aims at providing integrated services in the upstream oil and gas sector, covering aspects from Seismic Interpretation, through Wellsite and Operations Geology Supports, Structural & Sedimentary Analyses, Pore Pressure Prediction, Petroleum Evaluation, to Trap and Seal Analyses.

Following the dwindling oil prices, changes in national policies, energy trends and global demands, IESOG has engaged a three-way solution to meet the challenge and to help other players take the energy campaign to the next level. These are the provision of Petroleum Geoscience Training, Services and Resources. We come in as a one-stop platform for geoscience related solutions in the upstream sector of the petroleum industry.

IESOG is focused on a fully practical and applied petroleum evaluation & exploration training in Nigeria, covering a wide range of geosciences fields, with the aim of developing synergetic and synthetic petroleum geosciences skills in industry personnel. This training is a first of its kind as the few schools teaching these do so only at an academic scope and the private institutions are either too focused on the downstream or they train personnel in specific skills. It is against this backdrop that the geosciences resources, courses, training programs and schedules are provided to cover all aspects of petroleum geosciences.

Today oil and gas companies are expecting more from their staff, recruiting few with considerable knowledge and experience, while reducing training opportunities. We provide affordable training options for both companies and individuals, integrating industry experts, collaborating with players in the fields to produce synergy. We provide a single platform for the development of human and technological skills and for their application in the oil and gas industry.