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Course Summary

Diploma in Petroleum Geosciences

The Diploma programme provides a multi-skilled experience in the various fields of geosciences, equipping the candidate with what is necessary to work in the multi-disciplinary oil and gas setting.  The modules cover areas from exploration geophysics to petroleum geology and practical on-the-job work requirements.  The modules are presented with direct class work, videos and practical workshops by experienced and certified tutors in the industry.

Those who do not have a geosciences background are first coached through the basics of first degree geology and geophysics prerequisites.  The course structure is flexible while every student is followed up with the aim of ensuring that they cover the comprehensive outline of the course. 

Short Courses on E&P Disciplines

Our Short Courses on E&P Disciplines cover the exploration process, oil fields prospecting, assessment of reserves, prospect evaluation, seal analyses  and how to go from exploration to production. Click to see the course modules and read more.